We love our dogs so much we make cool CUSTOM pins and jewelry with their adorable looks.!

Totally UNIQUE

There is no dog jewelry like it anywhere in the world.

Unique one of a kind

Collectible Dog Jewelry

Hand Made in Los Angeles


From YOUR dog pictures!

CLICK email a friend a link to the custom pin page

Totally Custom - Based on YOUR Photographs - Totally Unique..!

There is simply no dog jewelry like it anywhere in the world.


Custom Puppy Pins - maybe the most adorable dog jewelry ever.


CUSTOM puppy pins is by far the most amazing product we make, based on YOUR personal photographs of your dog, one of our amazing artists will paint the color scheme of your dog on one of our beautiful miniatures, the pin will beautifully represent your dog.


Each of the custom puppy pins are truly unique, one of a kind, miniature works of art.


You start the process by selecting the breed of your dog,  click on the CUSTOMIZE MY PIN option.  Once you have processed the order, you will recieve a email with a link to upload 3-4 pictures of your dog, you are welcome to upload more, we really want to get a good look at your dog before starting to paint your custom pin in the computer.


Your personal custom pin is entirely personal to you.


We are NOW accepting orders for CUSTOM pins

Custom pins are based on any of the  breeds in the Kennel,

For questions please email us at: art@puppypins.com



Custom PuppyPins price is $65 + TAX & shipping

The sweet extra deal for custom pins

Order additional pins of your custom for ONLY the stock rate.  How cool is that.?


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BTW the little King Charles Cavalier lady in these pictures is my dog Oreo.

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